day 90: the journey is complete

0 to go.

A long journey is now complete.

A day full of emotion, learning and appreciation. Sad that this has all come to an end but the work must carry on. When the walk was done in 2018, the work did not seem complete. Something more needed to happen which is why we chose to continue this year. Turns out this was a great decision. Despite all the concerns with Covid, the uncertainty with the smoke early in BC, how this would all unfold, I certainly had my doubts that we would finish. We kept moving despite these worries and finished this wonderful journey. So many lessons learned, many realizations made and the ultimate question answered……. did uncle make you proud. My niece, the inspiration for this walk was and has always been there with us.

So many different messages in those hills but the big one is that we did good work in her honour and it never was a question to begin with.

When people are asking for help. Do whatever you can to assist.

As leaders of any organization, support visions for positive change. Support healing and wellness because we are no good to anybody if we don’t help ourselves. Grateful to have been given the initial go ahead to do this work. It helped many I know, including myself.

Some excellent youth walkers and leaders. Such a bright light in this journey to watch them lead with pride. Young folks know so much in these different times, listening to them, watching them lead is what we should be focussing on.

Be the bridge. Fill those gaps. It isn’t one person that makes change, it takes many of us. Working together is extremely important. We don’t always have the answers to fix a problem, but as teams we can join our thoughts and concepts. If we need help with solutions with young people, we should work together.

So many teachings I don’t completely understand yet have been given to me, I will process and try to figure out the meaning in the coming days. Every message is not laid out for us on a red carpet as we have to search for answers.

A huge thank you to all the supporters. To the communities, the various police organizations and the youth for sharing.

Thank you to Daniel for carrying the bundle today right from start to finish. You have a great future ahead of you. Enjoyed our visit and time together.

Thank you to the Vancouver police for bringing out your excellent officers and them beautiful horses. The best of escorts.

We are done and are very proud of the accomplishment. A difficult journey but we are filled with pride and we are grateful for this opportunity. We know we created hope for many. I have found something in myself that wasn’t there before. I honestly feel like a true helper. And it has been an honour to be a helper during these difficult times.

From Vancouver we wish everyone good health. A turkey dinner is in order when we get home. Love you all. Very blessed.

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