day 89: 1 day until completion!!!

1 to go.

Hello from beautiful, never looked better, fabulous, amazing and magnificent Vancouver British Columbia. We made it!!!!!! A day full of laughs and soggy weather we are here and we are feeling excited, feeling relieved and exhausted. What a wonderful day.

We started just before 9 am and before moving we gathered in a circle and shared some of our thoughts. We welcomed Mitchell and Sandra this morning to join Jen, Harmony and I for our final 30 in trek in the 2020 journey. We were joined by Constable Troy Derrick, Police escort and we shared our thoughts in what this walk has meant for us all. Some happy tears mixed with some laughs, all before beginning our move. A wonderful start.

Our first stop was to the RCMP headquarters to meet with more officers who wished to congratulate Hope in the Darkness for the walk and awareness created. Inspector Dee Stewart and Inspector Dale Carr presented gifts in appreciation for the work accomplished. Members Sergeant Ben Smith and Sergeant Veronica Fox also in attendance wearing their number one dress. We shared our appreciation for all of the amazing assistance provided during this journey. A brief reminder of our work and the importance of creating relationships and how crucial that is for the youth. A great little visit before continuing on. At this point in the journey our brother Zaagassge joined us to drive for the day and will join in again tomorrow. Zaag was our driver on the east coast and started the Walk in 2018 from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Once through Surrey, the rain started to fall. We lucked out a little throughout the day while walking directly under the sky trains that provided some shelter as we moved. We made our final crossing over the Fraser River and continued on through New Westminster and Burnaby all the while, the rain getting heavier as we moved. That didn’t damper the spirits in our group as we were all dancing and having fun as we moved. Nothing like dancing in the rain.

At 2:36 pm we officially entered Vancouver. Because of our route and to ensure walking safety, we didn’t hit a welcome sign into Vancouver. We did however get to hold a Canucks jersey to officially welcome us into the city at Kingsway and Boundary road. By this time the rain didn’t matter as we were soaked and elected to keep moving for the remaining 8 kms. At this point we met with Constable Jose Abundo from the Vancouver Police Department and a group of volunteers who would join us for the remainder of the day. The group are all aspiring to be police officers and braved the elements as we made our way to the Science Centre down town. We shared with them the Hope in the Darkness story as we finished off our final 30 km journey. A good visit with the group and we wish you nothing but the best as you peruse your career choice.

Thank you to Constable Troy Derrick for the escort today. To Our friend Anthony for meeting us this morning and arranging the gathering at headquarters and for finishing the day with us. To Jen and her navigating skills. It’s so easy to walk in a straight line on the highways so having some insight for our route today was appreciated. To Zag, for assisting with the support vehicle today. To the transit police who came out to offer words of encouragement. Thank you for the support. To the walking company Sandra, Mitchell, Jennifer and Harmony, Jose and crew. I really enjoyed this day with you all.

We are here!! Arriving safely after a wonderful journey but we are not quite finished. We have one more 15 km walk tomorrow to cross the Lions Gate Bridge and to hit our ending point in West Vancouver to make our offering into the Pacific Ocean. Another incredible day is expected tomorrow.

Broadcasts will be made throughout the day starting at 10AM PST/12PM CST/ 1PM EST at the Hope in the Darkness page.

Sending love and prayers to Sioux Valley.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.

Have a good night.

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