day 88: 2 more days to go

Day 88

2 to go.

We are through another day and we say hello from Surrey, British Columbia. Leaving at 8:40 am this morning, another slow pace to start the day. Feeling like a chilly morning and expecting rain that never did arrive. We moved through Aldergrove, British Columbia, then on through Langley, British Columbia and ended our day in Surrey.

A good day of walking with some company. Got to walk with both cousin Jen and my best friend Harmony and enjoyed our steps together as we walked through the cities. A good stop to sing along with Murray in Langley. A wonderful tune while singing in my best Elvis voice. A short visit before moving to 160th and Fraser Highway which is where we meet tomorrow for our last long walk of thirty kms on this journey. So exciting.

Thanks to our friends Jen and Anthony for coming out again today. BC was a difficult journey and having you both working hard behind the scenes made our move through the province so much easier. Will no doubt enjoy your company in the coming days and look forward to celebrating the completion with you both. Miigwetch.

A short post but can say we enjoyed the early visit from that eagle that flew above us, the rainbow in the distance in the mountains and to Murray who chose a classic song to share with us. A good walk today.

Have a good night everyone.

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