day 87: the other mountainside

3 to go.

From Aldergrove British Columbia we say hello. The rain has finally arrived and came at a good time to provide a refreshing, cleansing kind of day. Light rain starting just before Abbotsford and lasting until the end of the day. A good walk feeling some emotion while reflecting on the journey. Feeling great today.

Starting at 8:20 am this morning on Keith Wilson Road at the edge of Chilliwack we moved slowly to start the day. It took a couple of dogs barking to get me moving as I admit they had me spooked a couple of times. From there the pace picked up and I got to watch plenty of fisherman on the river with more arriving in hopes of catching the trophy fish. We continued on and eventually arrived at South Parallel Road, which runs directly alongside the Trans Canada highway. We are not able to walk the Trans Canada in British Columbia because of our walking permit and maybe I’m glad we don’t have to. The traffic was extremely busy and I was content enjoying our side road watching it all go by. Definitely a less stressful walk.

We arrived in Abbotsford and the rain started. I enjoyed the walk through the city along the sidewalks, just observing the rush in town. A good walk through before finally crossing the Trans Canada and finishing up in Aldergrove.

I was thinking about the mountains that seemed to get smaller as we moved today. The valley definitely got wider. I thought of Pincher Creek and Brocket in Alberta as we approached that wall of rocks. Our ceremony before entering those hills for safety and guidance. Not knowing what we would encounter with the animals or anything else, we were so fortunate to experience that ceremony. It gave us strength and a greater sense of bravery that we were protected. An honour. Today while seeing the other side of those mountains made me think of the beauty, the blessings, the teachings and the realizations for my own personal journey. Very few would experience that amazing walk through Crows Nest and I am honoured we got to share some with you all.

Thank you to officer Marc Verreault for joining us today. We enjoyed your company out here and appreciate your support and words of encouragement throughout the day. A pleasure to meet you.

Say hello to Julien, our lead walker for yesterday’s move to Chilliwack. As I stated yesterday young man, it was an honour to meet you and I am so inspired by your story. Keep shining with your strength, knowing your power in this world and sharing it with others. Keep on singing!

To Harmony Redsky, a big thank you for your amazing support. We are almost there and you have helped push us through to this point. My best friend who is the best support. Miigwetch.

Next goal is to Surrey, British Columbia. We are wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Have a good night.

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