day 86: heart of chilliwack

4 to go.

We say hello from beautiful Chilliwack, British Columbia. An overcast gloomy looking day but it was far from it. Some happy kids, laughs during the walk with our company and a relaxing walk off the main highway was enough to make anyone smile. Very fortunate and appreciative to be out here.

Our walk started immediately walking through the community of Cheam First Nation. It rained a little last night so the fall like damp smell was present during the slow move. Walking while sipping on some timmys for four kms before arriving at our first meeting point for the day, the Rosedale Traditional Community School. Once there we were greeted with a travelling song before sharing the Hope in the Darkness story. We arrived in time as the kids were enjoying recess and listened contently as we shared. A great group of kids.

We enjoyed our short visit but we had to keep moving so we did so with some company. Our lead walker graciously accepted the responsibility of carrying the bundle and what a great job he did. We immediately began talking and did so for several kms. I couldn’t help but think I was talking to my younger self. I listened and was in awe of his strength in how he is working on overcoming life’s obstacles. He has such an admirable attitude and in fact taught me a lesson or two in perseverance and how important teachings can be related directly to our daily lives. His input and sharing had me thinking he is well beyond his years in maturity and I felt truly honoured to have shared with him. You are an inspiration to me Young man and I wish you nothing but the best in life. You are strong and you are a leader.

We moved on to another outdoor stop, the Rosedale Elementary School. We got to see some young energetic students. They cheered loudly from across the field with the grade 2-3’s being the loudest. I was hysterical watching their energy trying to outdo the cheer made before them. A great motivator for the day to see those kids, so full of energy and smiles. Thank you.

We continued on to the Chilliwack Secondary School with our walking group. Upon arriving we were treated with Indian Tacos and fry bread. Of course I can’t eat this food during the day as I would just fall asleep but did take my fair share to enjoy this evening. As the students enjoyed their fry bread outdoors, we got to share the Hope in the Darkness story. Some excellent youth who were respectful and were simply an easy going group to speak to. Sorry we didn’t speak long enough to keep this gang out of class any longer but education is important. Thank you CSS and thank you to Rick Joe for being such a great host!

Our company ended there. We moved through Chilliwack just walking the streets enjoying the atmosphere within the town. Funny how we were walking in the hills just two days ago surrounded by rivers, tall trees and enormous mountains and now, walking the streets of a beautiful town reminding us we are oh so close. Will absolutely enjoy these remaining days.

Special thanks to Allister and Susan Boyes for your awesome escort today as we tried to figure out a safe way through Chilliwack.

A hard day to finish as the body is a little sore after a long day but we are happy to continue moving. A blessed day. We wish you a great night from Chilliwack British Columbia.

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