day 84: hope bound

Day 84

6 to go.

From Hope, British Columbia we are feeling happy and accomplished. Another beautiful day of walking. We started moving at 8:15 am and what a peaceful morning it was. Walking through the final turns in the Allison Pass and then walking out of Manning Park gave us a sense of accomplishment. Looking at the moon over those beautiful mountain peaks, in awe of the gigantic trees that took hundreds of years to climb that high and listening to the slow moving water coming from the tiniest of creeks sent a reminder to slow down. We are so close and anxious as we near Vancouver, British Columbia but we need to slow down and enjoy these remaining days as we will possibly never experience something like this again.

So that I did. A slow moving walk the entire day, breaking longer than usual and enjoying the company while having some laughs during break periods. A glorious day of reminder and reflection.I’ll say it now that British Columbia has been the best of provinces to walk through for obvious reasons. It’s also been the most difficult. Before this province I always thought Province of Québec was the best walk with the Saint Lawrence River and the mountains on the other side of the river and the water falls. Saskatchewan was the most difficult. The heat was always the factor there and it was mentally exhausting. Still huge accomplishments but British Columbia has been scenic, challenging, and I’ve had many realizations made as we move through.

We are through the Crows Nest Highway. Again for those considering a vacation out west, please consider this route. We are so fortunate to have made that left in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Extremely happy we did as we may never have seen the beauty of this part of the country and may never have met some of the most wonderful people we have had the pleasure to meet along this route. Crowsnest pass was a difficult but rewarding climb. So was Kootenay Pass Summit. I’ll always remember those hills. Sparwood, Fernie BC and Osoyoos, British Columbia are must see towns. Thank you Crows Nest Highway.

Hope is a fantastic name for a town. A great word period. I couldn’t wait to get to this point as it would be our gateway into the lower mainland. Selfishly though, I wanted to arrive here as one of my favourite movies as a kid was Rambo: First Blood. Walking through the town today was special while seeing the familiar scenery and streets I can recall from the movie. Sorry my Stallone facial expression is nowhere near Sylvester’s. I tried.

Once through Hope, we walked some extra kms just to get to the Hope welcome sign that my good friend Robert Campbell walked past in 2018. Robert walked for two weeks in 2018 and I’m forever grateful to Robert for stepping up when he did as he is part of the original visionaries that shared the dream and goal for the walks purpose. Miigwetch my friend.

Thank you Allister for returning to help us out today. We enjoyed the visits and will hopefully see you in the coming days.

We are over the Fraser River, one of at least a few times we will be crossing as we continue west. We walk tomorrow on Highway 7 and our next goal is to get to Chilliwack, British Columbia.

From Hope we say goodnight. Absolutely love the word Hope.

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