day 83: the best walk so far

7 to go.

A day of excitement, energy, accomplishment and an exhilarating feeling. I’ve shared before my favourite walk days during this journey and today would no doubt be number one!

Leaving at 8:10 this morning, a short distance from completing our last summit for this trip. We marked five in total that we would have to contend with and getting to the Allison Pass Summit shows just how close we are getting. Once hitting the summit it was downhill for the rest of the day through some challenging turns and steep drop offs. Running some to get over the short distance bridges and all while marvelling at these amazing mountains. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as the sun was shining and still wearing a sweater at days end. I love the fall and am loving these mountains as we move towards Hope, British Columbia.

Early on in the journey for 2020, I wanted to make one day in less than six hours. Today was that day. Of course the ideal temperatures and the mostly downhill walk contributed to that but I couldn’t have been more happier letting out an accomplished feeling whoooooo!!! It was exhilarating walking those tight turns looking straight down into the deep deep valleys and ravines. I can’t explain today better than that. The best of walks.

Thank you to Constable Tristan Williams for joining us today. With those challenging curves on the mountains, we definitely all worked well to get today finished. Miigwetch.

Moving into Hope tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a great night.

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