day 82: sunday summit on a sunday

8 to go.

We are through another day in gorgeous British Columbia. A reward for yesterday’s difficult climb came early today as we hit the Sunday Summit on a beautiful Sunday morning. That leaves us one more summit before walking down to the lower mainland.

Leaving at 7:45 am it was another great start with the sun shining for the early morning move. Walking through the hills early and then alongside the river later in the day was amazing. The fall smells in the air, the rustling leaves in the light breeze, and the flowing water that could be heard until days end. A good day for a walk.

Today is the national day of remembrance for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those Women, Girls, Trans and Two-Spirited, their families and communities today.

Thank you to Sergeant Patricia Cook and Constable Mike Rampone for the assistance today. Our last journey as a team as we have new company tomorrow. Thank you to you both. Miigwetch.

A short post tonight. Very tired. Will move early again tomorrow with our next goal to get to Hope in the coming days.

Wishing you all a great night.

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