day 81: beautiful days ahead

19 to go.

Getting close.

After a few days in the valley it was back into the hills. A slow and relaxing start finishing the last few kms before entering the main part of town and before joining a great group of company. We walked from one end of town to the other and we shared some of the Hope in the Darkness story. Funny how sometimes people you have never met before can brighten up a day after a tough walk yesterday. At the west side of town we finished our visit then we continued on.

I was happy that the traffic slowed down compared to the last few days. At least for the morning.Immediately upon leaving town we started up hill and the climb did not stop right up until days end. In the end a tough but rewarding climb up Mine Hill and then some. Feeling accomplished and having good thoughts about Jaylynn, her life and purpose.

Another beautiful day of weather, not as chilly as yesterday’s start but it did warm up second half of the walk. Fortunate with the great weather we have had.

Thank you to Constable Mike Rampone and new company Sergeant Patricia Cook. They were our escorts for the day and as always we are appreciating a police presence considering our challenge to police to stand up for youth mental health. Miigwetch to you both.

Hoping for a similar positive feeling day tomorrow. Nine days away and feeling happy about getting so close.

Sending love.


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