DAy 14: Moosomin

76 to go. 

Our final day in Manitoba was a good one. With kms left to go until the Saskatchewan border, we began to move at 8:15 am. In Claytons final day he got to walk while Constable Griffin escorted us right until the border. We moved well this morning as Mitchell Boulette arrived and completed the rest of the day walking with me including the brief stop at the border. We completed the day at 2:15 Sask time. A good seven hour day in the warm weather. 

The walk seemed so much more comfortable today as I wore the new shoes that arrived yesterday. For those of you who love to walk, please consider getting a pair of these shoes. Most of our team wore these in 2018 and would agree that Hokas are an amazing footwear and extremely durable for long distance walking. A big thank you to Deckers Brands our official shoe sponsor for Hope in the Darkness. A great product. Thanks again. 

As mentioned, Mitchell showed up and he will be helping us for the next couple of weeks. Mitchell, a Treaty Three Police officer out of the Kenora detachment was involved as well in 2018, completing the journey from Lake Louise, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two years ago to the day Mitchell was crossing into Manitoba and found himself part of our journey again today this time crossing into Saskatchewan. Miigwetch Mitchell for your continued support and dedication to the cause. 

A huge Miigwetch to the Treaty Three Police Service for supporting Mitchell to join us again this year. Treaty Three was a partner in 2018 and did not hesitate to be involved again this year. Another First Nations police service on board who recognize the importance of this walk and the need to create empowerment opportunities for young people. Very much appreciated. 

As Mitchell arrives, Clayton leaves us for now. Thank you Clayton for your dedication to the cause. You were and continue to be a great addition to the team. We can’t thank you enough. 

To the Manitoba First Nations Police Service. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey. It seems like every day we had a member from the service come in to check on us or provide an escort. Tremendous support and we say thank you. We hope to see you in Vancouver. 

An accomplishment today in reaching Saskatchewan and completing the day in Moosomin. A day full of emotions as we slowly make our way West. We will hopefully get moving early in the morning before the heat arrives. I will be walking with a new ribbon and will be walking proud. 

Thanks again to everyone for your support. A very good day indeed. Goodnight

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