day 11: virden

79 to go.
As expected it was a hot one out there. We made a good choice to start earlier than usual and started moving at 7 am. It was a beautiful morning listening to the birds singing before the traffic picked up. The wind picked up later in the afternoon and we got some cloud cover for some much needed relief with eight kms to go. The weather report stated a possible storm at 2:30, so we moved well in hopes of avoiding it. We ended the day at 2:00 pm without any weather issues since the storm never came. A rough day with the heat but we made it and are through Virden, Manitoba.

We had company today which allowed Clay to walk with me. Cst Devon Leblanc dropped in with his partner Ceto to wish us well on our journey. Sergeant Matt McKay attended as well and provided a police escort for the last 20 kms or so. Thank you Sergeant McKay for watching out for us out there. Off duty officer Jen Griffin also showed up and joined us for the afternoon walk as we entered Virden. Thanks to all for your support and words of encouragement. All members were from the Manitoba First Nations Police Service. The support from this service has been nothing short of fantastic with great officers regularly coming in to check on us and provide support. Thanks to all.

We were met by Virden media just short of town and we shared our work at Hope in the Darkness. The support of people passing has and continues to be strong. Many great folks in this part of the country.

Tomorrow is a rest day and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Get to rest up for the day before beginning our final two days on Monday and Tuesday, when we will enter Saskatchewan. Where has the time gone.

Wishing everyone a good night from Western Manitoba.

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