Contribute to Hope in the Darkness

Help support the walk costs by making a contribution to Hope in the Darkness. Your contributions will support the walk with costs and community programming during the walk.


Hope in the Darkness National Walk for Youth Mental Health is a cross-country walk for youth mental health that will be led by youth and police officers from across the country starting on April 1, 2018. The walk will provide police officers and youth with the opportunity to take a stand on youth mental health and the supports that are needed nationally.

Intended to be a call to action for Indigenous and non-Indigenous police officers that have worked with youth in crisis, the walk will provide officers with an opportunity to meet with youth and listen to their stories along the way. With support from a number of police services from across the country, Hope in the Darkness will work with schools, youth groups, Indigenous communities, mental health services and families to encourage youth participation in the walk.


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